Director’s Message :

World has changed drastically in last one and a half decade. Internet has been a revolutionary element in transforming how the world operates. This was not true when I was studying back then. I’m 34 today – a millennial. I belong to that generation who have closely witnessed technology taking over human emotions. We had a choice to accept desktop computers over easy-to-use-typewriters (I had Typing as a subject in 10th board (SSC)). Floppy disks over paper weights and so forth. I have seen government offices and corporates struggling adopting this new technology back then, and even today.


At times I feel baby boomers were not given the chance to develop their skills and flourish further with the help of seamless technology. I remember those days when geographical limitation was a big factor. But today, when I see a 12-year young lad communicating with the other part of the world using a small hand-held communicating device, I wonder we as a society are witnessing a never-thought, never-imagined revolution. This revolution is changing the human landscape. Thanks to my early adoption of technology. This practice of mine has enabled me to look away from the obvious, always. And this has also helped me pioneer my industry with the help of Internet. According to me, Internet is not a product itself, it is rather a ‘free express highway’. You need to know how to fathom it.


Today’s younger generation are already operating from ‘cloud.’ This new system doesn’t understand gender biases, office politics or geographical differences. Which, invariably is good. This new system of behaving and working in life is seamless. It reverberates in my mind what if we adopt this new system to strengthen our lives. With this thought in my mind, I conceptualized Gravity Marketing in February 2015. This is my 2nd venture. Today we are a full-fledged company dealing in entire spectrum of Digital Space. I always knew the power of digital platforms and Digital Space in overall, but I couldn’t have understood it this better had I have not plunged into it myself. I’m happy to see my team working with elegance and prudence in this uncharted territory where benchmarks are been broken every day. I can clearly see Offline Medium losing its sheen and Online Medium as channel of marketing gaining importance.

"Gujarat’s fastest growing digital marketing company."

Our Vision

To be the most sought after Digital Marketing Company of India.

Our Mission

To achieve gross sales of 100 Cr per year by 2030.

Our Values

Trust. Transparency. Integrity.


Advertise across any country, any continent or any ocean with Gravity Marketing. Your Digital Marketing Boutique. Advertise during any season through Digital Platforms.

We are a kick-ass Digital Marketing Boutique based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. We are an ambitious company who acts as an outsourced digital marketing team for any company – large or small. We are a team of 14 people and lots of other mentors & supporters. We understand how to woo customers on online mediums.

Our present society that we live in has become very tricky. To understand them – what they like, what not, what they buy, how they buy – has become enormously complex. The present world that we live in does not understand what we studied in text books. In line with that, day by day, it is increasingly becoming difficult to attract your potential customers. There cannot be a single line strategy to sell your goods or services.

With the advent of Internet – which is by far the biggest medium of marketing humans have ever seen – our country’s and world’s 70% of the population have explicitly disconnected themselves from the offline world. This young and dynamic population are communicating with each other through different platforms over digital spectrum. At Gravity Marketing, we pioneer Strategy, Ideation, and Framework design of your marketing efforts on digital space.

Any company in today’s diverted and fickle environment looking for quick growth has to have a strong and impactful marketing strategy and execution on digital space. Our goal is to help big or small companies achieve their Sales, Brand Awareness, Customer Reach & Communication through sizeable presence on digital space. For that, we strategize and then manufacture content, which then gets propagated across world wide web.

What all we do that you might not know of:

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Marketing Strategy for Products / Services

Branding in Digital Space

Social Media Campaigns

Online Research

Strategy & Framework for Online Customer Buying Experience (Online Customer Journey)

Social Media Listening

Online Customer Care Process

Online Reputation Management (ORM)