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How does it work?

Step 1
Put all your contact details (mobile number & email id) in one excel sheet
Step 2
Upload the excel sheet in the backend of Facebook.
Step 3
Upload the creative, upload the money.
10 times a day.​

Tell Meta, to find these set of people available in the excel sheet and show the Ad to them only.

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Who will do all these things for me ?

Team Gravity Marketing will do for you.



You pay us minimum Rs. 60,000/- + 18% GST for 1 year.










Costing is Rs. 1 per person per month + 18% GST

Minimum costing: Rs. 5,000/- + 18% GST per month

What if I have 6,000 mobile numbers ?

What if I have 2,000 mobile numbers ?

What if I have 10,000 mobile numbers ?

Note :  We only go for yearly packages. Monthly charges are for your understanding only.

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Who should ideally invest in these type of Ad Campaigns ?

All B2B businesses should run these types of campaigns.

Meta Certified | Google Certified


This is not a sales campaign.

This is not a lead campaign.

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are running this campaign since last




It’s like, all those people in my data file, whether they are my clients or not, when they open their Facebook or Insta, they see my logo. Period.

Manish Jain, Emporos Links Ahmedabad

I’ve been running this Custom Audience campaign with the help of Bhargav since last 3 years now. Costing is just Rs. 5,000/- + 18% GST per month.

Shuchi Chokhawala Blinds by AD, B’luru

My current clients, my lost clients, not converted clients, my family, my in-law family, my school friends, my college friends - everybody sees my campaign day-in and day-out. My brand is becoming bigger and bigger. Thank you Gravity.

Jay Desai White Lotus Consultants

Each and every friend of mine are seeing my campaign. It’s such a low budget campaign. Amazing.

Dr. Hiren, Gyana Consultancy, Ahmedabad

It’s been 3 years since my campaign is running. All my business connections think I’ve become a big guy.

Chirag Shah Wedding Event, Ahmedabad

This type of campaign is so good. It provides a pin-pointed targeting Ad campaign on Meta (FB + Insta) at such a low cost. I’ve stopped all other marketing efforts by my company

Kishan Patel Sunflower Laboratory

These types of campaigns are possible only on digital platforms. It’s really good.

Jagat Gandhi Dipti Advertising

When Bhargav explained its a 1 rs per person per month campaign, I immediately said yes to it. Now, all my friends, colleagues, team members, every one sees my campaign literally on a daily basis. Bhargav’s technical expertise in Digital Marketing is exceptional.

Apoorva Shah Director, D2Mech, Ahmedabad

After seeing the efficacy of this campaign, I’ve started asking my clients for secondary mobile number and email id’s. This Custom Audience campaign is amazing. Listen to what Bhargav has to say.

Preet Gandhi Real Estate Consultant, Ahmedabad

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What you can expect from this campaign ?





Branding of my company / product / service


Awareness about my company / product / service


In-direct business in future


This is how your dashboard will look like.

Focus on Frequency. 

As time will pass, frequency will keep on increasing.visible to target audience.

Definition of Frequency = Impression / Reach

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Frequently Asked Question

1.How can we trust that you won’t misuse our data

We’re a professional company. We have run over 1,000+ such campaigns for 1,000+ different companies / individual. We don’t mess up with your data. We don’t divulge it to someone else. We’re not in the business of data base. We’re in the business of pin-pointed marketing for our respective clients. Your campaign will be shown to your data base, and other company’s campaign will be shown to their data base. No mixing up. No re-selling of the data. Your data’s privacy is our utmost agenda.

Plus, we are Google and Meta registered agency. 

Plus, two of our core values are TRUST & INTEGRITY. Trust us, we won’t break your trust.

Q2. How many creatives will you design for us ?

12 creatives per year. 

1 creative per month.

These creatives could be an image or a short video, a good mix of everything.

Remember, we are not your design agency. We are not your social media management agency. We will only run one campaign for you, that’s it.

Incase you don’t like our creatives, you can supply us your creatives. We happily shall upload them in the campaign. 1 per month, 12 per year. No carousel.

Q3. If I don’t like your creatives, will you edit it?


We’re not a graphic design company. Nor a content writing company. 

It would be better if you give us a creative. We will simply upload it, 1 per month. 12 for a year.

Q4. Will your creatives be common for all your clients ?

No. Each design would be unique.

And, we also suggest our clients to send their own monthly creatives. 1 per month. 12 per year. 

Q5. Do you provide Social Media Management Services ? Is moment marketing included ?


Q6. Do you help us create an Facebook Page ?


Q7. Do you help us create an Instagram Profile ? No.


Q8. Can you help us run a PPC Campaign ? No.


Q9. Do you provide SEO Service ?


Q10. Do you provide website / app development service ?


Q11. Can you help us run any other type of campaigns ?

No. This package under CAC by Gravity doesn’t offer this service. However, you may reach out at for more details.

Q12. Can you help us with graphic design service ?


Q13. Is there a set-up cost ?


However, we expect these below things to be ready to be handover to us for us to work smoothly.

  • Your FB page should be up and running
  • Your Instagram profile should be up and running.
  • If your FB Page is not set-up, you have to get it done by yourself. And then provide the Admin rights of your page.
Q14. What is a Custom Audience ?

Any audience whom we know, in limited numbers, who have got anchored somewhere, either in the form of data base in our mobile phone or excel sheet, or visitors on our Website, FB Page, or Instagram Profile.

More or less, there are three types of Custom Audiences:

CA 1: Our business data base, mobile no., email id, name, age, gender, location, etc.

CA 2: Visitors of our Website, or a specific page.

CA 3: Visitors of our social media handles: FB, Insta, LinkedIn, others.

Q15. We only have mobile number’s. No Email id. Will it work ?


Q16. We have data base in very complicated format. What to do ?

Do not worry. Send your data to us. We shall clean it out.

Q17. Once we start the campaign, can more people be added in it ?

Yes, once every month.

Q18. Are you a Digital Marketing Agency ?

Yes, we are.

But we provide only one type of ‘campaign’ execution as a service.

We help you run a Custom Audience Campaign on Meta (FB & Insta).


Q19. Which are other Digital Campaigns that we can run on Social Media Platforms ?

There are more than 30 different types of campaigns we can run on different social media platforms. All different campaigns have different agenda’s. 


We at CAC by Gravity provide only one type of campaign execution service.

Q20. Who all are your clients ?

All MSME’s of India are our client.

As per Udyam Registration Portal, there are over 1.2 Cr registered MSME’s in India. We aim to reach all of them and give service to at least 0.5% of them.

Q21. What’s the agenda for such a campaign ?
  1. You’ll be visible to your data base 24x7x365.
  2. Your data base will think that you’re doing something great, something big. That you have become big.
Q22. If my data base has 5,000 contact numbers, will the campaign reach all of them ?

Not exactly. 

The campaign will reach to only those people who have opened their Meta (FB, Instagram) account using the mobile number and email id we have. If people have opened their Meta account using different mobile number and email id, our campaign won’t reach them.


Basis our experience, we have seen the reach figures between 30% to 70%.


These figures are completely dependent on the quality of data base (Demographics like age, gender, location, others) you have.

Q23. To promote my business, shall I give you a much bigger data base, ideally purchased from the market (data base sellers).

Please be cautious here. The agenda of the campaign is long term brand building, and not sales.


Pls do not get into the understanding that let’s start showing campaigns to every person out there. Our suggestion would be to stick to your core data base, including your business contacts, past clients, current clients, not converted clients, friends and families.


We strictly are against bought data bases.

Q24. Including friends and families in this campaign necessary ?

Not necessary.

But remember, your friends and families can become your best brand ambassadors only if you nurture them well over a period of time. You have to make sure that your brand name and your product/service become a part of their muscle memory. This campaign will do just that.


This campaign will do just that. Consciously or sub-conciously, the people available in your Custom Audience Excel Sheet will become your brand advocate, without them noticing it.  

Remember, this type of Custom Audience Campaign are one of the cheapest forms of digital campaigns, and that too extremely pin pointed.

Q25. What is Reach ?

The unique number of people who saw our campaign is Reach.

Q26. What are Impression ?

The total number of times our campaign was viewed is Impression.

Q27. What are 4 different Custom Audiences ?

For Meta (FB + Instagram)

  1. Data base excel sheet
  2. Website Visitors
  3. FB Page Visitors
  4. Insta Page Visitors

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